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We are Daniel and Lilith. As kids we grew up with Hanna Barbera´s cartoons and the universe of Stan Lee´s superheroes. We read Bill Waterson´s, Quino´s and Schulz´s comics to understand the adult world from our children´s perspective that we shared with the main characters. Our teens belong to Toriyama and Miyazaki and when we finally became adults, Cartoon Network opened that window to never let go of the kid within us.

We are team, at work and in life. After two weeks chatting nonstop we left for Low Cost Festival and the rest is history. Two years later we got married in a very Las Vegas style wedding.

We love Motion Graphics and we´d rather watch Vimeo than the news. We value more finding a good artist through Instagram than any average shop. We don´t have a defined style, we like to be eclectic and be able to work on diverse projects.



Whether big or small, we treat each Project with passion and we like offering creative solutions because our clients respect both, their own and our work.

When they need to speak wonders about their product, shout out loud how good they are, their productive process, when they get married, when they have their first son… when the world needs to know that they exist and that they are authentic.

We are fascinated by telling stories, specially thrilling, singular, big or small stories which add a touch of the reality which our clients live in.

We are seduced by clients who like breaking the mould, those who like digging in the grey matter in search for the best solutions. We love a challenge.

We love sharing every single step of the creative process with our clients, seeing the Project from beginning to end with them.




My favourite colours are yellow and blue. When it comes to getting dressed I always put on the first thing I find. I´m an emotional creature somewhat irrational, I tend to live in the clouds and bringing me back to reality can become a tedious task. My head is always spinning and my biggest challenge is to have a blank mind. I like all sorts of music, except reggaetón which I hate. I love Reading, good movies, graphic novels and all sorts of animation series, the crazier the better. I want to time travel all around the world. I might come across as shy and even serious, but If I like someone it becomes quite hard for me to shut up. I adore the creative process, were the magic happens. And I love eating until exploding.




My favourite colour is yellow, however, when it comes to techie gadgets it has to be pink. I hate Brown. I dress in black or I combine stripes, polkadots, squares and patterns of endless colours. I´m quite rational but when the heart speaks the brain can´t stop it. I always pursue my dreams . I love travelling, good restaurants and gigs in small venues. My favourite landscape is the dessert, but I love big cities for daily life. I´m a social butterfly, altough the best and worst moments of my life have been by myself. I talk out loud when I´m concentrating and tend to keep things to myself when I dont think they are worth sharing. I am a huge fan of equity. Unjustices, uniformity and conformism upset me. Creativity is the best thing that has happenend to humankind and it should be exploited more!!


Arte Electrónico
Diseño Digital
Real Flow
Motion Graphics
Mapping Projection


Diseño Textil y Moda
Estilismo, Imagen y comunicación
Efectos Especiales de Maquillaje para cine
Cinema 4D
Animación Stop Motion

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